Providing a direct primary care membership for your employees empowers them to take control of their health without the mandates, networkds, and cost involved with providing health insurance. Moreover, access to a primary care doctor allows you, the employer, to affordably cultivate a healthy, productive workforce through on-site visits, flu shot initiatives, and wellness programming.

We work with employer groups of all sizes and offer discounts based on volume. If you're already providing health insurance for your employees, working with smart, forward-thinking health insurance brokers to build an insurance plan with direct primary care at the center can yield huge cost savings for you. Reach out to us at info@kansascitydirectprimarycare.com to start the conversation.

Once you have made the decision to provide KCDPC membership for your employees, we'll walk you through the process of enrolling your employees, what we need from you, and what we'll need from them. It is our goal to make this process easy for you, so you can get back to making your business the best business it can be.

If you are an employer who currently provides KCDPC memberships for your employees, you should receive a monthly invoice similar to this example detailing your expenses. It is your responsibility to let us know when you want to begin and end coverage for your employees by contacting us in writing via email (info@kansascitydirectprimarycare.com) or traditional post (2016 W 43rd Ave Ste A | Kansas City, KS 66103).