Unlimited visits with your physician Unhurried, complete care with your personal physician Included
Unhindered communication with your physician Emails, phone calls, etc. with our responses based on time of day and how you contact us. Included
Management and treatment of acute medical problems Colds, flu, ear infections, urinary tract infections, boils, small lacerations, non-life-threatening trauma, etc. Included
Office-based procedures Stitches, wound care, I&D, simple fracture casting, in-house labs (like strep swabs, urine testing), ear cleaning, EKGs, etc. Visit included; supplies are an additional cost
Chronic disease management Heart failure, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. Included
Annual screening labs Complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, thyroid stimulating hormone, hemoglobin A1c, and cholesterol markers Included
Non-routine labs Testosterone, iron studies, HIV, Hepatitis testing, etc. Additional cost
Medications A small in-house pharmacy allows us to provide medications (like antibiotics, antidepressants, blood pressure medications, etc.) at unbeatable prices. Additional cost, handled in house.
Radiology X-Rays, CT scan, MRI, mammography, etc. Additional cost, coordinated through an outside facility.
Referrals to specialists Contacting and referring patients to specialists such as cardiologists, ENTs, gastroenterologists, etc. Referral included; specialist visit is not


Individual Rate, by Age:  
0–18 years of age $30 per month with paying adult membership
0–18 years of age $65 per month without paying adult membership
19–25 years of age $45 per month with paying adult membership
19–25 years of age $65 per month without paying adult membership
26–49 years of age $65 per month
50–64 years of age $75 per month
65+ years of age $90/month*
Family Rate
2 adults + children under age 18 spanning 2 generations

*Due to federal regulations, we are unable to accept Medicare patients or Medicare-eligible patients at this time. We're sorry for this inconvenience.

  • There is a non-refundable per-household enrollment fee of $75. A re-enrollment fee of $150 must be paid to reactivate an account any time a membership lapses for more than 45 days.
  • House calls are available at the provider's discretion when both a provider and chaperone are available. Home visits conducted at addresses within 10 miles of KCDPC are $100 per visit; visits conducted 10 to 25 miles from KCDPC are $175 per visit. Home visits more than 25 miles from KCDPC are generally not conducted.
  • Visits occurring outside of regular business hours are available at the physician's discretion for $100 per visit.
  • We are dedicated to price transparency and make an effort to discuss any charges with you before they happen.

Please remember that a KCDPC membership is not a form of health insurance, and we recommend that each KCDPC member also carry a wrap-around, ACA-compatible insurance policy or explore alternative options such as health-sharing ministries. For more information, check out your state’s exchange online or the DPC-friendly Liberty Health Share.