New Patients

Thanks for joining KCDPC! 

By completing the online enrollment process, you have agreed to the KCDPC Patient Contract. Please save a copy for your records (if you haven’t done so already). We will review it — along with the practice’s Philosophy of Care — and have you sign a paper copy at your first visit.  

If possible, please print KCDPC’s Request for Information form, fill it out, and sent it to any of the doctors you’ve seen in the last few years. If you are unable to complete this prior to your first visit, we can help get this figured out.

Established Patients

After joining KCDPC and completing your first appointment, you’ll be provided information on how to reach your physician via email or 24/7 via phone. 

– Scheduling & Refills: email or call us directly at 913-730-0331.

– Results: depending on turnaround time, we get results to patients within a week (usually faster).  If you haven’t gotten results you expected, please reach out to us.  For labs, we use Quest as our preferred vendor, and they have a patient portal you may access here.

– Records: While we don’t currently use an electronic health system that has a patient portal, we are always willing and happy to provide any part of the medical record to our patients.

– Billing: You will receive an invoice & receipt via email with your monthly payment.  Please review it for any discrepancies or concerns and reach out to us directly at if you feel anything has been billed in error.  If you need to update your billing information, you may follow the secure link in your invoice or you may print and mail this form.  For anyone willing and able to do direct ACH bank withdrawals, we will decrease your membership fees by 5%. 

Patients Enrolled via an Employer

Patients on an employer-sponsored plan have a slightly different contract — which you can review here — but like any patient must enroll using the employer-specific link your HR manager passed along to you.  For any questions regarding payroll deduction, please contact your company’s HR manager directly.  For other questions about our clinic’s operations, see above! 

Privacy Policy

At KCDPC, we value your privacy. In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, we have developed a policy explicitly outlining and reviewing how we share your information and the rights you have regarding your health information. You may access our Privacy Policy here.

Kansas City Direct Primary Care provides superior health care and wellness via a direct relationship between the patient and physician paid for with a transparent, monthly fee and enhanced by clear, frequent communication.

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