Hazen Short, MD

Primary Care Physician

Dr. Short is accepting new patients! Become his patient by enrolling here.

Dr. Hazen Short went into medicine to help patients by building meaningful relationships. Family Medicine encompasses his passion in health care: wellness, prevention, and continuity of care. His professional interests include evidence based medicine, mental health care, hospital medicine, and pediatrics. Originally from Manhattan, KS, Dr. Short attended Kansas State University for his undergraduate degree in Biology and minor in Leadership Studies. He then attended the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City. He completed residency at Research Medical Center located in Kansas City, MO. He joined KCDPC in the summer of 2019; in addition to working at KCDPC, he works part time as an emergency physician in critical access hospitals. He volunteers as a Clinical Assistant Professor for the University of Kansas, and is an eagle scout, a singer, plays cello and guitar, and loves to play ultimate frisbee, soccer, and disc golf. He is a father and a husband who loves to spend time with family. He also very much enjoys coffee.

Allison Edwards, MD

KCDPC Founder | Primary Care Physician

Dr. Allison Edwards aims to change the manner in which healthcare is delivered, putting the emphasis on keeping people well rather than solely stepping in and treating the sick. Originally from Lawrence, Dr. Edwards spent her undergraduate years at Drake University in Des Moines, IA before returning to Kansas City for medical school at the University of Kansas. From there, she completed her residency and served as Chief Resident at the University of Colorado in Denver, CO. In addition to providing care at KCDPC as a board-certified family physician, she volunteers at the JayDoc Free Clinic and serves as a Volunteer Clinical Assistant Professor for the University of Kansas and a Volunteer Clinical Instructor for the University of Colorado, allowing her to continue to educate the next generation of healers. She also provides consulting services for healthcare technology startups (Sesame is a proud example), writes for the American Academy of Family Physicians, and is a nationally featured speaker on the subject of healthcare reform. In her free time, she loves spending time with family and pursuing hobbies including travel, gardening, cooking, being outdoors (backcountry camping and skiing are top choices), and enjoying a cup of coffee, ideally while reading the (real! printed!) newspaper.


Dr. Allison Edwards is not currently accepting new patients at this time, though both Christi Crumpecker, MD and Hazen Short, MD are accepting new patients and can usually visit with new patients within the week!  


Lauran Gress, RN

Registered Nurse | Lab & Dispensary Director

Lauran graduated with her BSN in 2018 and is the RN at KCDPC. Before going into nursing, Lauran had a career in social work where she served both children and families. She has loved being a part of the direct primary care model and believes it allows for patient centered care that’s transparent and fair. She looks forward to continuing her career with KCDPC, growing in medical knowledge, and assisting patients with their needs. Lauran enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, being outdoors, and trying new restaurants.  She, interestingly, also likes coffee.
Headshot of Mary O'Leary, Medical Assistant

Mary O’Leary

Medical Assistant 

Mary graduated from Truman State University with her bachelor’s degree in exercise science. She then moved to Kansas City to kick off her career in healthcare at KCDPC. Mary hopes to one day return to school for her masters (ideally becoming a Physician’s Assistant), but in the meantime is enjoying learning everything she can about healthcare at Kansas City Direct Primary Care. In her free time, Mary enjoys long-distance running, reality TV, reading, and open-water swimming. She actually loves any kind of water activities: in college, she worked as a camp counselor and taught wakeboarding, sailing, kayaking, and canoeing classes. Since moving to Kansas City, she has become a fan of Chiefs football. This does not, however, take away from her love for the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues. Mary enjoys coffee as well, but not as much as she likes sparkling water.

Our full-time staff, above, is supported by a wonderful group of Nurse Practitioners who work with us on a part-time basis.  They step in to see patients when our clinicians are out, when our schedule gets busy (cold & flu season!), or to help with specific offerings like DOT physicals.   

Shaun Riley, WHNP-BC, FNP-BC

Shaun Riley, WHNP-BC, FNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner

Shaun is  certified as both a women’s health and a family nurse practitioner. She has practiced in a wide variety of clinical settings: transplant medicine, county jails,  retail, obstetrics,  and community health. She is delighted to serve in the direct primary care model. Shaun looks forward to expanding her knowledge and career by caring for the patients using the direct primary care model. Shaun is a semi-retired ballroom dancer. Her hobbies are cooking,  exercising and spreading time with her family. is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, skilled in health promotion, population health, patient advocacy, and evidence-based practice.

Dua Siam, DNP, APRN , FNP-BC

Dua Siam, DNP, APRN , FNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner

Dua is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, skilled in health promotion, population health, patient advocacy, and evidence-based practice.  Graduating with a DNP degree from the University of Alabama and MSN degree from Pittsburg State University, she has practiced in the field of nursing since 2005 in a variety of settings, including community health, child and adolescent care and pediatric medicine as well as retail health.
Lisa Sanders, FNP-BC, WCC

Lisa Sanders, FNP-BC, WCC

Nurse Practitioner

Lisa graduated with her MSN from the University of Mobile. She is an experienced FNP, having worked in urgent care, correctional care, employee health and primary care offices. She believes that everyone has a right to quality healthcare and this is what attracted her to KCDPC. She believes people should have wellness of mind, body and spirit to truly enjoy life and she enjoys working with patients to achieve these goals. She enjoys drawing and painting, anything crafty. She loves being outdoors, but sailing is her favorite outdoor adventure with her family.

Behind-the-Scenes Staff

Zach Brower


Zach received his BSBA in finance and management from Drake University. He enjoys all things outdoors: from pickup games in the park to skiing fresh powder across the Mountain West to backcountry adventures in the National Park System. He takes care of the back office, accounting, and billing and enjoys being part of the solution to the healthcare problem confronting the US. Zach likes coffee too; he’s a big fan.

Our Partners

We partner with leading local, regional, and national vendors to provide our patients the best healthcare at the lowest price. From our partnerships with local and national trade organizations — like the Direct Primary Care Alliance and the Midwest DPC Alliance — to partnerships with ancillary services vendors — like local radiology groups, Quest, and LabCorp — we make sure our patients receive the best care at the right price at the right time.

Kansas City Direct Primary Care provides superior health care and wellness via a direct relationship between the patient and physician paid for with a transparent, monthly fee and enhanced by clear, frequent communication.

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The economic impacts of COVID-19 have affected everyone; some more than others.  As primary care physicians, we see what the virus has done to our community and our patients from the very front row.  We know you are struggling, and we know how much you want COVID-19 to end.  (We're with you.)

While we can’t fix everything, we can stand with you to make access to basic, primary health care more affordable.  So long as we’re required to mask up and stay away from our loved ones, we will offer any new members 3 months of membership to Kansas City Direct Primary Care primary care for $150. This is 47% less than our usual fees.

We're offering this on the honor system: if you need it, use it.  If you are able to pay our full prices and fees, we welcome you to join without a discount and support our business as we work to care for those in our community with varying access to health care.  If you are a current member and are experiencing financial difficulties, please reach out to us directly for assistance.


Participants will still need to sign our enrollment agreement and agree to the usual terms and conditions.  Fees are as above for the first 90 days, and usual membership fees will begin on day 91.  Don't hesitate to call/email us with any questions!  info@kansascitydirectprimarycare.com 913-730-0331  

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