Direct Primary Care

When you enroll as a member in our direct primary care practice, you receive:

  • Unlimited primary and urgent care visits to KCDPC during office hours — with no copays
  • Unlimited email, phone, telemedicine/video or in-person access to your physician
  • Superior primary care delivered in a way that fits into your busy life
  • Meeting you where you are, including home visits or visiting you at work (at an additional cost)
  • Same-day or next-day visits with little or no wait
  • Annual screening labs
  • Access to deeply reduced-price lab work, medications, radiology, and specialist services
  • Wellness coaching and guidance
  • No insurance haggling  ever 

All this for a flat monthly fee, no strings attached.


0–17 years of age $20 per month with paying guardian membership
18–25 years of age $45 per month with paying guardian membership
26–44 years of age $70 per month
45–54 years of age $75 per month
55–64 years of age $80 per month
65+ years of age Varies*
Family Rate
2 adults + 2 children under age 18 spanning 2 generations

$160 per month

There is a nonrefundable, per-household enrollment fee of $75.  A nonrefundable re-enrollment fee of $150 must be paid to reactivate an account any time a membership lapses for more than 45 days.

*Available only for those with 2 or more chronic conditions willing to participate in home self-monitoring (blood pressure checks, blood sugar checks, etc.). We are piloting a Medicare program at this time that results in patients being billed approximately $150 for their initial visit and approximately $30 per month thereafter.