Great question.

Direct primary care is the straightforward relationship between you and your doctor, just like how it used to be.

In the old days, general practitioners were the doctors you went to with all your basic health concerns. And in the old days, they were there for you, provided most of your care, screening and preventive services, and generally worked with you in a symbiotic relationship to keep you well and treat what ailed you.

In the last generation or two, insurance companies and large, corporate health institutions inserted themselves into this relationship and made it harder for you to see your primary care doctor and for your doctor to have the time to wholly care for you.

By taking the intermediaries out of this relationship, Kansas City Direct Primary Care works for you and with you (and only you!) to attain the best possible health. We charge a fair, transparent fee and agree to provide holistic primary care for you–no strings attached. All of our appointments will be longer than at a traditional doctor’s office, and once you’re an established DPC member, we can even do over-the-phone appointments.

We are able to do this because KCDPC isn’t a form of insurance and we don’t take insurance (though we recommend that our members still have a comprehensive, wrap-around insurance policy to be in compliance with the Affordable Care Act).

As we grow, we will continue to offer other health care services designed to save you money: wholesale pharmaceutical pricing, rock-bottom radiology prices, and cash-discounted prices for specialist visits — just to name a few. We grow as you join us, and your influence will shape how we grow as a community.

So that’s direct primary care: it’s the direct relationship between you and your doctor, just like how it used to be.