Check out our full August newsletter here!  As a preview, this month we chat about bugs (and bugs and more bugs) and share some clinic news:

New face: there’s been a lot of change this summer, and we’re excited to be bringing Laurin Myers on board!  She is trained in phlebotomy and will help us move forward in setting up our in-house lab (so we can stop sending our patients to Quest!).  

Survey: a good number of you have responded to our survey.  Thank you!  For those who haven’t, please click here to get started.  We want to understand who our members are, where they come from, what they like about us, and how we’re doing as your primary care provider.  We value your time and very much appreciate you taking the 3-5 minutes needed to answer our questions.

Benefits season: have you started thinking about your insurance situation for next year? Employers are! They’re starting to put together benefit plans for the upcoming year, and we’re always happy to explain why DPC may be a good fit in the mix.  Reach out to us to discuss more.

Summer vacations:  8/1 and 8/17 – 8/23, as the clinic will be closed due to vacation or rural ER shifts.  If you receive your prescriptions from us, please give us at least a week’s notice this summer for your refills! As promised, we’ll have coverage from other DPC doctors in the metro on those days if you need to be seen in an urgent manner.  These same physicians will be staffing your urgent phone calls as well during those dates.  

Rooms for rent: we still have 2 rooms we’d love to rent out to like-minded health professionals (particularly massage therapists, counselors, psychologists, etc.).  Please let us know if we should meet someone in the community who’d be a good fit!