Many of our patients have been able to get settled into the new location and meet the new team (if you’re like, “What the heck is she talking about?” — check out our previous blog post announcing our merger)!  There are still a handful of patients who haven’t transitioned over quite yet — which is ok!  Hopefully you’re reading this and the following will help you feel comfortable with the changes.

  • Patient care will continue without major interruption; patients can continue to reach out to and 913-730-0331 (the KCDPC contact info) or or 913-948-7652 for any healthcare needs.
    • Of note, if you are needing a refill of your medicine, we will want you to be seen by your new clinician at Health Suite 110 within a month or so of that refill.  We know it can be a headache to get in to see the doctor, but we really do want to take the best possible care of you! Getting to know you, who you are, and to touch base on anything on the preventive medicine side of things (in addition to addressing any acute needs) is important!
  • We have physically relocated to the Health Suite 110 offices at 7199 W 98th Terrace, Suite 110, Overland Park, Kansas 66212. You’ll find us in Building #3 of the Windmill Village. Parking is right out front.
  • As part of the merger, I moved away from day-to-day, direct patient care and have settled into a support role in the organization (I.e. I help when people are out on vacation, if there is increased demand during a busy time of year, and just help the crew make sure we’re taking the best possible care of everyone!)
  • We will help transition our patients’ care to Charles Willnauer MD,  Jennifer Teegarden MD, or Kylie Vannaman MD.
    • Patients will be asked to update their billing information with Health Suite 110 and transition to the Health Suite 110 pricing set at their first visit with their Health Suite physician.
  • I am beyond thrilled to be able to provide more robust services for our patients through this transition – like nursing coverage each day of the week (from a fantastic team of RNs!), on-site phlebotomy, continued in-house dispensing of medications, in-office procedures, childhood & adult vaccines, and receiving care from a great crew of healthcare professionals.

On a more personal note, there has been a lot of change around here in the last year, and I continue to be thankful for the support we’ve received from our patients, friends, and colleagues through it all! I have been doing my best – as the owner, founder, and physician here at Kansas City Direct Primary Care – to figure out how we can be around and sustainable for the long run, and this merger was an absolute godsend.  This change, as hard as it has been on some of our patients and on me, particularly, came about after the birth of my first child.  As I look to his first birthday on the (very near) horizon — and share in the joy of the first birthdays of the other KCDPC babies born last year to Dr. Short and his wife and to Lauran, RN and her husband — I am taking a moment and reflect on the fact that it was an immense privilege to care for you all over the years.  I had never anticipated that so much joy would also mean going through the pain of trying to make our little clinic work, despite all of the new demands on our staff from our new additions and expanding families. I grew up working in small businesses that really changed lives, that changed communities; it was my dream to own and operate a similar business whose entire mission was to care for our neighbors, so while I grieve the loss of our neighborhood clinic in Rosedale, right in the heart of Kansas City, there is joy in knowing that our patients are still receiving amazing care from a group of professionals — my new colleagues — who have so much more to offer than we ever could.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or if there’s anything we can do for you!

Allison Edwards, MD