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Strange times, indeed.

I’m exhausted from what feels like working nonstop for weeks. As soon as we solve one little problem, we’re on to try to solve the next problem. We’re trying to keep doors open (proverbially) while keeping them locked tight (literally) to protect ourselves, our staff, and our patients from contracting COVID-19. And as exhausted as I feel, I cannot imagine what many of you are going through.

So we’re bringing our community together to help each other out. For those of you who want to help others, we are creating a sponsorship program for KCDPC memberships. I will match the first $3000 of donations into the program. You can watch me ramble on about why we’re doing this on Facebook, but it comes down to this: we care for people. And right now isn’t the time for our patients to lose their doctor.

If you want to donate to the effort or are wanting to apply for help paying for your monthly membership, please complete this form and send it back to us — electronic or printed are both ok (alternatively, we can also send you this form via DocuSend).

Just reach out. We’re here to help you.


Allison Edwards, MD

this month’s health tip

We’ve been updating the blog on a weekly to twice-weekly basis with all things COVID, so please, please keep a close eye on either our social media accounts or just check in on this blog on a weekly basis to learn all about how to keep yourself healthy as COVID-19 moves through our country and community! As we’ve noted before, we’re still providing comprehensive care to our patients in the safest way possible.  We don’t have an update from our last post, so see this post for the most recent clinical update.

clinic news

A few changes: We’re trying to social distance as much as possible and will be working from home on some days — so call ahead before you stop by! We’re also now opening at 9 am — just 30 minutes different than in the past. We also are transitioning all visits to video or phone telemed visits through the end of the month (but will still have some people come in if the need arises). So many new things!

Follow us on social: We are posting on a frequent basis with updates to our blog, new initiatives, etc. Things are changing quickly; we’re trying to protect your inbox from overflowing! So follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter to stay up to date! (Also, we’re still here to care for those who are looking for a doctor — feel free to recommend us if you’re active on Reddit, NextDoor, or LinkedIn, and we wouldn’t mind if you shouted it over your backyard fence, at your latest Zoom meeting, etc.)

Community resources: Do you have a great resource to share for the KC area? Or, better yet, is there already a great resource listing a ton of KC resources? Pass it along! We’re starting to put together information as people reach out to us with questions and would love to use the whole brain of our community to best help everyone.

KCDPC as an employer benefit? To all of the small business owners in our ranks: did you know that we can take care of your employees? We can provide — on average — 90% of a person’s healthcare needs over a lifetime. While we certainly aren’t health insurance (and don’t want to be), that 90% can mean a lot to your employees who otherwise would go without, allowing them to stay healthy, happy, and engaged with their work.

Reviews: Reviews are the lifeblood of any organization these days. If you like what we do, please let the world know on Yelp, Google, and Facebook! (Feel free to recommend us if you’re active on Reddit, NextDoor, or LinkedIn, and we wouldn’t mind if you also shouted it over your backyard fence, at the water cooler, etc.)