Happy new year!  And happy birthday to us!  Exactly one year ago we opened our doors as Kansas City Direct Primary Care.  I only saw one patient that day, but that one visit was huge: I helped prevent an unnecessary ER visit for a family.  Since that small victory a year ago, I’ve provided several after-hours visits, stitched up more than a couple of you, visited a few of you in the hospital, and even did a couple home visits.  This is how I want to practice.  This is why I went into medicine in the first place: to be there for you.  

I’ve learned a TON in the last year — about running a business, about what you all want in a doctor, and about the crazy and ever-growing health insurance/healthcare industry.  Each day brings a new adventure and a new challenge, but there are some things that aren’t so new: winter means cold and flu season.  Read on for tips on how to (try to!) stay healthy this season.  


Happy new year!

Allison Edwards, MD