doctor’s note

I’m realizing, after seeing my clinic visits slow to a trickle over the last few weeks, that summer isn’t a time when people are overly concerned about their health.  It isn’t benefits season.  New Year’s resolutions have long gone.  Colds and flus are so far from your mind you can’t even remember what they’re like.  Instead, you’re out and about vacationing, barbequing, or just chasing your kids around.  Or maybe you’re working on your house.  Or working through a summer reading list like a pro.  Whatever it is — your health probably isn’t at the forefront of your mind, but maybe it should be.  We’re proud to be hosting an event (a free one!) in a couple weeks that discusses what high blood pressure is and how you can prevent or reverse it.  You can’t feel it if you’re blood pressure is high, so before you pick up that next summer read or that next rack of ribs, take a little time to make sure you’re giving yourself the TLC you need.  Details below.

Happy summer!

Dr. Allison Edwards


this month’s health tip

Do you have high blood pressure?  How would you know?  When was the last time you checked?  Elevated blood pressure (called hypertension) is funny in that you probably don’t feel it.  It’s a silent killer.  

When we were kids, our blood vessels are pliable and can adjust to differences in pressure.  As we age, we lose the flexibility in our blood vessels and the heart has to pump against an increasingly more rigid plumbing system.  Over time, if the heart has to work too hard, it gets tired and worn out, leading to a whole world of trouble.  But it’s not just the heart.  All the small blood vessels in the body also take a hit, like the eyes, the kidney, and the brain.  These, as an understatement, are all vital organs and deserve protection.

Enough with the fearmongering.  We want you to arm yourself with information and know how you can keep yourself and your family well by preventing high blood pressure.  This August, Balls Pharmacy (the team behind both Hen House and Price Chopper pharmacies) will provide a free information session on the basics of blood pressure, how to prevent it with lifestyle changes, and will also set you up with a free 1-on-1 follow up session with a pharmacist to discuss your unique healthcare needs.  Stay tuned or reach out to us for more details as August approaches — it’s open to everyone!


clinic news

Summer vacations.  We will not be scheduling appointments on 7/31 – 8/1, or 8/17 – 8/23, as the clinic will be closed due to vacation or rural ER shifts.  If you receive your prescriptions from us, please give us at least a week’s notice this summer for your refills! As promised, we’ll have coverage from other DPC doctors in the metro on those days if you need to be seen in an urgent manner.  These same physicians will be staffing your urgent phone calls as well during those dates.  

Spread the word!  Remember, for every person you refer to KCDPC (who sticks around 3 months), we thank you with a free month of care.  You can also help spread the word by reviewing us on Facebook, Yelp, or Google.


Communication reminder.  Please call or email if you need to get a hold of us; please don’t text!  While we aim to be accessible and ease of communication is a priority, we can only receive emails or phone calls.  Though our electronic health record can send text reminders, we don’t receive your responses (and would hate for you to feel like you’re being ignored!).  



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