We want to give current members a heads up that we will be adjusting our membership pricing for many of you so that everyone’s membership fees will reflect the current rates that we charge. This will not affect all of you — and for some, the price will actually be lower than what you are currently being charged.

Regardless, this has been an incredibly hard decision to make, but in the end, it’s the one we have to make if we’re going to be sustainable into the future.

In the four years since opening the practice, we have served over a thousand patients. With the generous support of you all, we launched a philanthropic arm with the start of COVID in April of 2020 and have been able to provide care at no cost to dozens of servers, cooks, musicians, actors, single parents, property managers and others who have had their lives turned upside down in the last year.  We have seen numerous babies in their first weeks of life, and we have stood with families as they suffered unimaginable loss. We have poured over hospital bills and worked with local district attorneys to help our patients fight egregious fraud and price gouging. We have partnered with different community organizations and businesses to provide needed services to our patients.  We’ve been lucky to find amazing people to work for the clinic, and I believe we’ve been able to keep a clear focus on transparency and truth, and have always strived to give recommendations guided by science but adjusted to a patient’s needs.  From day one, putting the relationship we have with our patients at the front and center of everything we do has been our mission — and it’s been a mission we’ve adhered to on a shoestring budget from the start.

In the end, our goal is to be here for you for the long-run, and this move ensures our ability to do that.  



Allison Edwards, MD