September means back to school!  Back to school means that most parents are checking to make sure their kiddos are up to date on vaccines.  This used to be a more automated step in the passage of childhood; however, in the last 30 years parents have become increasingly more concerned about how vaccines may affect their child’s health. I get questions on this subject frequently and attempt to take a nuanced, rational approach to answering parents’ questions.  If this subject interests you, read on for this month’s health tip and feel free to share with friends.




As a business of the 21st century, we try to create a physical presence as much as we create an online presence.  We pepper our Twitter and Facebook feeds with fun marketing pictures, news blips, and resources as we see fit.  Of all our posts since opening, we received the most robust attention for a relatively simple post highlighting the childhood immunization schedule.  The immunization schedule is actually one of the most evidence-based elements to pediatric medicine and one that touches every family and every life.  I’ve taken some time to detail the history and address some of the common concerns raised by parents about vaccinations in this month’s blog post.  



Benefits season: have you started thinking about your insurance situation for next year? Employers are! They’re starting to put together benefit plans for the upcoming year, and we’re always happy to explain why DPC may be a good fit in the mix.  Reach out to us to discuss more.

Art: We are happy to have Emily Johnson displaying some of her photography this month.  Emily is a student at KCAI and has taken advantage of our large, empty conference room walls to showcase her work this month.  The collection is a striking series of black and white photographs simply installed and focusing on the dichotomy of the buildup of the city and the parallel abandonment that occurs.  Stop by to check it out and read Emily’s entire artist statement!

More services: we are proud to announce that we officially have the capability to do in-house blood draws (phlebotomy).  It’s available for most tests Monday through Thursday in the mornings and is a little less expensive (and hopefully less hassle!) than going to Quest.

Rooms for rent: we still have 2 rooms we’d love to rent out to like-minded health professionals (particularly massage therapists, counselors, psychologists, etc.).  Please let us know if we should meet someone in the community who’d be a good fit!

Hiring…again!: We are growing at a good rate and are looking to hire an LPN or RN to round out our staff.  The position is part-time in the afternoons and Tuesday evenings; the ad for the position can be found here