This time of year is when everyone starts thinking about — or starts to avoid thinking about — their health insurance options for next year.  If you know our clinic, you know we’re not big fans of the health insurance industry.  That said, we do recognize the importance of getting some form of catastrophic coverage.


Here are a few questions we get frequently this time of year:


Can I keep coming to Kansas City Direct Primary Care if I get insurance? 

YES!  We just don’t bill your insurer for our services.


Can I get rid of my health insurance and just use Kansas City Direct Primary Care for care?

You can do that, but we don’t recommend it.  We try to offer a ton of services and to keep you out of the emergency room, the hospital, and specialists’ clinics — but sometimes big things come up and we really want our patients to have financial protection against big medical bills.  While we are transparent with all costs and work with people to find the most cost-effective care, most other clinics and hospitals in the healthcare system aren’t as kind.


What health insurance pairs well with direct primary care? 

We recommend a high-deductible plan or one with the “minimum essential coverage” (MEC) included.  Some people opt out of the insurance system all together and use a cost-sharing co-op, like Sedera.


My job doesn’t provide health insurance; where can I get it?

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) created online exchanges for individuals like yourself to purchase health insurance; you can access it at


When does the healthcare exchange open? will accept enrollments form November 1 through December 15, 2020.  Coverage will start January 1, 2021.


I have pre-existing conditions (like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) — can I still get insurance on the exchange?



I am a small business owner and can’t afford full health insurance benefits for my employees, but I still want to do something to address their healthcare needs.  Can I pay for employees’ Kansas City Direct Primary Care memberships?

You sure can.  Check out a quick overview here or reach out to us directly at